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Eye Candy: Gabrielle Union

Even though she’s “hit the wall” in some folks eyes, she’s still fine as hell to me.


Realization III




And it finally popped back in my head, “Stop givin a fuck about the outcome.” I had that attitude for the longest at one time. I used to be able to detach from people who weren’t my friends and close family with ease. Depending on an outcome for unimportant shit is like running into a brick wall. The wall is barely even scratched, unless you’re the Juggernaut, and you’re the only dumb fuck taking damage.

Time For My Re-Education: Class Is In Session

I remember a few years ago bumping into Heartiste’s place about two years again, it was Roissy in DC and was transitioning into Citizen Renegade, purely by accident.  I didn’t even pay attention to the pseudo-racism  and red pill hate of some of the commenters. I read his works for days, and even though it may seem harsh to the blue pill pussy, a lot of it rings true. Hell, I pulled one of my hottest girls, body wise at least, with his info. Not only was she crazy as fuck about me, she paid for me to come spend the week with her and took care of almost everything, except the trip back, because I slipped and went back too far back into “beta.” (I never was into the whole Greek letter designation. I saved to identify science and Greek letter organizations)

I look at it as between being a mack (super alpha, alpha, lesser alpha) and a pussy (lesser beta, beta, super beta, omega dreg).  Although some of his nuggets of wisdom stuck with me to this day, I still ended up drinking the blue pill Kool-Aid once again and started to fluctuate between lesser alpha and beta. Now I’m back at the Chateau  and Mack Lessons Radio and frequently stop by The Private Man, Married Man Sex Life (for LTR) and Rational Male for re-education.

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Realization II

Since I might have to do the dance, I’ll give myself a year to see how much I’ll succeed and or fuck up in the process. Hopefully, I won’t lose a “good girl” while I’m at it. 


I might have to dance the dance of wounded souls for a minute. (Big ups to Krauser for the phrase). These last few weeks have confirmed everything I’ve been reading throughout the manosphere. Damn.

A Post Every MAN Should Read

“I hate this truth and with each truth I re-learn, I start to feel disappointed. However, I would rather live the ugly truth than a pretty lie. -Black Man Red Pill”

I read this post earlier over at The Private Man today. Although it’s brutal, it’s the truth. MEN, please take heed to what he is saying. He’s not saying dump your good girl but just to realize the knowledge in this post.

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Random Shit: Hamster Movies

Just came up with a new word/phrase: “hamster movie/movies”.  Basically, a flick with mostly chick logic. When I was in the matrix I used to think women didn’t think like that. Well mostly the 18-23 female crowd thinks like that, and some older still do. There are some exceptions but very FEW, I repeat a very FEW. I’ll try to post on it later.

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Some Eye Candy

I know in the community (and sometimes man-o-sphere) this isn’t what most consider a “10.” To be honest I think the whole 1-10 shit is subjective not objective but, hey I like my girls with some thickness and some junk in the trunk. Flexibility is a plus.


About Black Man, Red Pill

Basically this will be an anonymous blog about my experiences of re-swallowing the red pill. Hell to be honest I need to swallow the fuckin bottle just for good measure. I’ve been raised in a blue pill world  but for a few years in my life I broke out of the matrix and didn’t even know it. However, like most unaware people, I let myself slide back into the matrix got plugged.

Every time I unplugged, I got lazy and thought I could coast on whatever good vibe was at the moment. Big fuckin mistake. Eventually if you don’t stick to your guns, you’ll somehow shit out or throw up the red pill and in a blind moment lookin around thinking “what the fuck happened?” you’ll eventually be left fucked up and searching for a new bottle. This time I won’t.

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