About Black Man, Red Pill

Basically this will be an anonymous blog about my experiences of re-swallowing the red pill. Hell to be honest I need to swallow the fuckin bottle just for good measure. I’ve been raised in a blue pill world  but for a few years in my life I broke out of the matrix and didn’t even know it. However, like most unaware people, I let myself slide back into the matrix got plugged.

Every time I unplugged, I got lazy and thought I could coast on whatever good vibe was at the moment. Big fuckin mistake. Eventually if you don’t stick to your guns, you’ll somehow shit out or throw up the red pill and in a blind moment lookin around thinking “what the fuck happened?” you’ll eventually be left fucked up and searching for a new bottle. This time I won’t.

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7 thoughts on “About Black Man, Red Pill

  1. MackDamage says:

    What’s up playa feeling the blog and just wanted to give you a shot out. I will add you to the blogroll, respect that you got me on there.

    Keep spitin that “Ism” Playa!

  2. Socialkenny says:

    Lmao @ swallowing the whole bottle.

    Sometimes we need to almost OD on the red pill.

    Since you’re pretty much new to the blogger/manosphere,let’s have a toast!!!What you drinking?

  3. Welcome to the Manosphere. I’ve alerted the gang to your presence.

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