Some Eye Candy

I know in the community (and sometimes man-o-sphere) this isn’t what most consider a “10.” To be honest I think the whole 1-10 shit is subjective not objective but, hey I like my girls with some thickness and some junk in the trunk. Flexibility is a plus.


7 thoughts on “Some Eye Candy

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Woa!Talk about flexible!!

    But that shit kind of weirded me out for a minute with the way her joints showed.

  2. Ian Ironwood says:

    Don’t sweat the heat, man.

    Black people and white people in America tend to have a slightly diverse aesthetic in what they consider hot. It’s a cultural thing as much as anything else, but I write for a predominantly-white porn catalog and an all-black porn catalog, and the two aesthetics are far, far apart. Plus, I live in the South, where fleshier girls of either color often wind up with black boyfriends. You like what you like, and you shouldn’t compromise on that for the sake of vanity or popular opinion. Just sayin’.

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