Time For My Re-Education: Class Is In Session

I remember a few years ago bumping into Heartiste’s place about two years again, it was Roissy in DC and was transitioning into Citizen Renegade, purely by accident.  I didn’t even pay attention to the pseudo-racism  and red pill hate of some of the commenters. I read his works for days, and even though it may seem harsh to the blue pill pussy, a lot of it rings true. Hell, I pulled one of my hottest girls, body wise at least, with his info. Not only was she crazy as fuck about me, she paid for me to come spend the week with her and took care of almost everything, except the trip back, because I slipped and went back too far back into “beta.” (I never was into the whole Greek letter designation. I saved to identify science and Greek letter organizations)

I look at it as between being a mack (super alpha, alpha, lesser alpha) and a pussy (lesser beta, beta, super beta, omega dreg).  Although some of his nuggets of wisdom stuck with me to this day, I still ended up drinking the blue pill Kool-Aid once again and started to fluctuate between lesser alpha and beta. Now I’m back at the Chateau  and Mack Lessons Radio and frequently stop by The Private Man, Married Man Sex Life (for LTR) and Rational Male for re-education.

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3 thoughts on “Time For My Re-Education: Class Is In Session

  1. Socialkenny says:

    I never learned shit from Heartiste’s blog.

    I love his writings but he has no Game at picking up chics.He’s more like a theorist in my eyes.

    We had a feud few months ago where I’d released a podcast and post about him over some catty shit.

    • Mr BMRP says:

      I’ve used some of his game with great success (and some of his posts have been complete bullshit.) but my problem with his atmosphere was all the racist bullshit disguised as “human biodiversity.”

      SN: I’m still trying to get this commenting BS right where you don’t have to hang in moderation too long. I’ve been busy making moves so I haven’t been near the PC as much.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    IDK,I never spotted any of his post having undercover racial stuff in it.

    Comment thing seem to be fixed now.

    So you’re out of DC??

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