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Tailor Your Game To Suit You

It’s good read game blogs, in moderation of course and learn some of their techniques, mindsets and etc, but only one thing is missing. They’re not YOU. You have to take what you learn and tailor it to your situation, personality and whatever factors are present. You may be good at caveman game and a lot of females respond to it, however if it’s not in your personality to do that all the time, then tone some of that shit down. If you’re not that much of a smooth talker, don’t make that your default game. Take some classes, watch a few videos or talk to some of your smoother buddies about it.

One thing that I can tell you that might work is to just learn the fundamentals of game and work from there. How do you think Jordan and Kobe got good at basketball. They worked on the fundamentals and added bits of themselves from there.

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On Hating Women

When I’ve looked across a lot of the manosphere blogs, I tend to see a common theme, hatred for women. Yes, I agree a lot of the shit they do is off the wall and fucked up to the core. Not all do that but the majority can and do and all of them have the capability to do so. I empathize with those screwed over in divorce and those who try to pin another man’s kids on them. I’ve had that happen before but I was smart enough to get a DNA test and kicked that hoe straight to the curb.  Yes, I agree with the no white knighting, no mangina-ism and no simping. Since I’ve followed these philosophies, my life has been better and my interactions with women have become better.

I can be pissed at women and a lot of their bullshit rationalizations. However, I can’t hate them. To me focusing on something you hate is a waste of energy. If you hate women so much, then why blog about them, and how to sleep with them. Why not post about a hobby or something?

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Random: Jung Game

Just let her talk and project the type of man she wants on you. Neither confirm nor deny, let her work. I came up with this term from hearing that a lot of Carl Jung’s female patients would project their desires on him and “fall in love with him.”


Confirmation That I Will Go Through

After watching a couple of shows and filtering through what I’ve learned. I hate to say it, I see so many dark art tactics at work that actually work. I’ve even seen some in person lately. Are we as humans really like this?

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What I Learned Reading “The Game” (by Neil Strauss/Style)

Most of the best PUAs In the book started off nerdy as hell, some of them remained that way.

Mystery did too much shit in the beginning, but at least he became more social as a result

There’s peacocking, then there’s premadonna, IMO only a woman should have over the top make up, eyeliner and accessories.

Women with “bitch shields,” and “inflated egos” do need to get knocked down the peg.  If she was the greatest woman walking, she wouldn’t be single.

Even married women doing the same need to be brought back down to earth

Men can be attention whores too

There was way too much time spent trying to get some pussy. Yes pussy is good as hell but it seemed like these people didn’t say much about outside hobbies.

The HB scale is flawed, because it varies by the preference of the person.

It’s good to have male friends to swap war stories with, however to only go out and beat the pussy up to brag about it to others seems off.

At some point in time you’ll have to leave “The Community” because that shit tends to drive people crazy.

Analyzing is great but over-analyzing can drive a man insane.

Being thirsty is counter intuitive to game

Eventually you must take what you learn and put your own spin to it.

The Mystery Method worked best for him because he is Mystery

Don’t get your ass beat trying to take another dude’s girl. If she chooses, she’ll find a way to get to you.

Even your “bros” in  “The Community” can sell you out for some pussy. (Not all do)

The majority of validation should be internal and from self, not only external from friends and women.

Being an entertainment monkey is only the first few times around.

Balance your life out with more than just pick up, shit does tend to fall when you don’t take care of your priorities.

Neil/Style had great insight and could read people

I’ve noticed a pattern of people almost getting fired or getting fired for spending too much time in  “The Community.” Again,  balance.

Keyboard jockeying is bullshit. Real world experience >  Keyboard Jockeying.

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Learning Balance

In order for me to achieve some balance in my love/sex life, I believe I have to see both sides of the game. (No I ain’t hoppin the fence to men you asses.) I’ve been more of an extreme “Light Game” person the majority of my life and now it’s time for me to throw in a little “Dark Game.” I’ve read upon some blogs and even witnessed some dark game in action and I have dabbled in it slightly to get pussy, but in the end you start to feel slightly empty. However, I don’t think I’ve gotten that balance yet. 

Yes I know you spit to women at different levels and there are some girls who aren’t completely fucked up, if I happen to find one that’s not, I’ll be sure to keep her on the second tier. However, I think for about 6 months to a year, I’m going sort of dark. I already know who not to fuck with, women who are already real tight with me. I’ve read countless stories of guys who turnt their game way the fuck up and even had the women they put in the “just friends” category dripping wet with desire for them. 

We’ll see how this goes


-Morpheus II


Been in sort of a bad head space for the last few days and can’t seem to shake it. I’m still doing the 30 Day Self-Improvement challenge and fucked up on the no fapping but back up on it. I’ve noticed my relations with women have improved since I don’t spit at them at a thirsty level. Got two new numbers and about to hit somethin tonight.  Finances shot to shit right now but it’s slowly improving. 

30 Days of Self-Improvement: Day 4

Had a family issue to deal with so I didn’t get to complete everything. I worked out, still haven’t beat off and am ready for the surge of testosterone that comes at day 7. I should be able to ride that out. I’m still spittin at a non thirsty level and it has actually improved my game instead of trying to fuck off top or anything like that. Women gravitate towards me because I’m really starting to internalize outcome independence. 

What I’m Reading 7-20-2012 “When She Makes Sudden Positive Changes For Bullshit Reasons ” – Athol Kay.

This doesn’t mean be paranoid as hell but keep your eye open for the REAL reason behind shit. “White Knight Porn” – Rollo Tomassi

A LOL post but an eye opener.  “Online Dating Pt. 1” – MackNificent/Flip The Game

Some common sense talk about online dating practices. “Reader Letters 1 part 4” – Ricky Raw

This series is an absolute MUST READ. I linked part 4 because it touches on the seduction “community.”

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30 Days of Self-Improvement: Day 3

Basically a recall of Days 1 and 2, still worn out from those Insanity workout videos and changed my diet. This time I’m adding learning a new skill to these self improvement posts. I recently started to teach myself how to troubleshoot PCs. College is expensive as fuck and I can’t afford to take out a loan to go to school for two more years for a Master’s program unless I’m sure I’ll get a job right after graduation. 

With all the Ph.D,Psy.D and Ed.D degree holders I see doing $9/hr jobs to survive at the moment, I don’t think that’s going to happen. As a stopped beating off I feel like I have more testosterone. I’ll have to look that up.