Truth In Action: Alphas Get Multiple Chances

Last night I got some calls about relationship and advice from female friends. Yes, I have some that I’m not attracted to and wouldn’t want to be with, but I digress. Check this, it’s about the same shit, some dude being a jerk. I usually shut down these type of calls but I’m real cool with her. I was told that she reached a point and wanted some advice about to handle the situation of her feelin taken for granted. She and her dude have been off again, on again for a couple of times, or from what I’ve learned in a cyclic relationship and here’s the crazy thing: she KNOWS and ACKNOWLEDGES that she’s in an unhealthy relationship.

Going against current relationship wisdom, I told her to figure it out on her own. I know it’s a big mistake because the same shit will continue until A. She decides she wants to stop running in circles or B. He breaks it off for good on his own terms. As I scour through the internet, hitting the usual sites for some entertainment, bullshit and fuckery, I come up on some bookmarks that explain it. 

You came to Chris, you told him what needed to be changed, gave him an ultimatum basicly. You gave him lots of chances over the 2 years. For the last 8 months when you were getting any dick from him you told him.

You loved him enough to do that, you wanted him in your life enough to do that.

2nd, 3rd and 4th (and more) chances are for Alphas. Betas must be bulletproof from the start until they attain, perceptively, Alpha status in a woman’s estimation. Alpha can fail far more shit tests than any Beta would ever be given leniency for.

Our Beta can’t see past his own drama to ask why she allowed Chris more leeway and how this applies to himself. Even when she left, Chris was still his own person, he was the PRIZE, not her. In standard Beta fashion, he will interpret Chris as indifferent or uncaring towards her and try to play this as a card in his favor, but the subtext of it is she had respect and tingles for the Chris well after she broke it off (5 Minutes of Alpha) and his sense of identity is what planted the seed of doubt in her head.” (-Rollo Tomassi


I now shake my head in disillusion and disbelief and at the same time and laughing my ass off at this shit. Red Pill Wisdom 1, conventional BS 0. As I know sit here and recollect, the guy in question showed indifference to her and kept himself as the prize. I’m not going to go into a full analysis due to the fact that I’m a fairly private person. What I can tell you is, if you read Rollo Tomassi’s “Letters from the Pedestal”  and switch genders, you’ll get a good chunk of what was said.  The friend I was talking to is a decent woman, sometimes naive, has some good qualities about her and seems to have some good intentions for her man in mind (I’m not idealizing her, I’m too far awaken to ever do that again.) yet she continues to fall for the bullshit. I know some readers would tell me to tell her to leave him and find someone new.  FUCK THAT. If they’ve been on again, off again I’m sure others have told her to do the same thing. Sometimes you have to let people continue to fall flat until they get tired of hitting the ground. Some people wise up sooner than others, and some never do at all.


What’s the lesson in all this you might ask? As soon as you hear some bullshit advice you know hasn’t worked in the past, toss it and go search for the truth.

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2 thoughts on “Truth In Action: Alphas Get Multiple Chances

  1. Backbreaker says:

    This post reminds me of a girl i dated named Crystal. I bull shit you not we broke up and got back together.. probably 6 times. Didn’t matter what I did, and I did shit lol, she’d come back. she’d date, she’s get a boyfriend and eventually she woudl find a reason to call me or get in contact with me and sooner or later at the first sign of me showing her any real attention she was off to the races.

    I put myself in those shoes, i didn’t give a shit who she was dating if i wanted her, shit if i wanted her today I bet i could date her. And she would tell me how much of an asshole I was but yet could not get enough of this asshole. I wasn’t an asshole in reality I just was not going to compromise on things she was used to guys compromising on. And the fact I would tell her to get bent just made her even wetter.

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