While cruising around the “manosphere” (I still have to get used to that term), I ran upon a few sites and blogs featuring the MGTOW movement. If you’re new here MGTOW is an acronym for Men Going Their Own Way. It’s new to me and in my opinion is counter productive for the survival of the species, especially if civilization is supposedly on the collapse within the next ten years. Then again, one I don’t pass judgement on any man that decides that this is the path for him and two, I’m still doing research on it. To me it raises three questions:

1.If men are going their own way and avoiding women, how will we survive?

2.If MGTOW is the way to go, then why are all of these game and evolutionary psych blogs popping up everyday?

3. Given that some of the literature I’ve read seems that men are bitching about women and coming up with some crazy conspiracy theories about depopulation and New World Orders, then isn’t MGTOW the mirror of the feminist movement?

I read this post by a guy named Pook called “Time To Move Beyond MGTOW” and he shares one of my same thoughts.


Maybe I’m thinking too hard and focusing on some extreme and negative shit.  I think I might take a more balanced approach in figuring shit out and focusing on my game (or charisma in the words of The Private Man) and keeping my life together. 


17 thoughts on “MGTOW?

  1. Solo says:

    MGTOW movement is a movement for closet gays to come out.

    I’m serious if you don’t like women then either you are asexual or playing for the other team, thanks but no thanks. a bunch of dudes crying about women and giving each other hugs durning their weekly ****fest meetings then afterwards playing “Poo Pirate” and find “The Sword”

    • Morpheus II says:

      If it’s like that, I can’t get down with it.

    • Burned bad says:

      ( face Palm ) You have to be a woman. This movement is not for “Poo Pirates” and they are not meeting giving each other hugs. This is just place for men burned by a oppressive feminist system, and are there to warn others how not to end up as slaves. You think guys are so stupid to be goaded into giving up their Independence movement by calling them gay? It may work on the ill informed muscle heads who spend their whole lives pretending they’re alpha males to attract hot chicks, but in reality they end up broke and fat by those very same chicks. The school systems teach young girls how not to end up as “victims” and know very well they hold all the cards even if they are immoral and the system backs it. But for young men, they know NOTHING what awaits them for their choice if they choose to take on the delusion of protector and provider.
      All this movement does is counter the dirty little tricks played on them i.e. NEVER use condoms that aren’t in your custody and control , Flush condoms after sex, 10- 15% find out in divorce that their kids aren’t theirs and advise them to confirm their paternity before they sign birth certificates, warn them if they marry a woman who has a child with a dead beat father, and your marraige to her goes south, YOU have to pay child support.
      There is NOTHING gay about protecting yourself and warn others from ending up a chump.
      You know now in India if a woman can prove you had sex with her, the court says your married and have to file for divorce. It’s all about slavery and wealth redistribution.

    • Monad says:

      Gays don’t hate women, they are indifferent to them, or they like them platonically.

      Nice try mate, but MGTOW/MRA’s/PUA love women very much. Only difference between them is the first gave up, the second want to pretend they can be inversely similar to women and the last attempt to emulate the most sexually attractive of the opposite sex, without actually realising they just might instead focus on improving their own lives…instead of pretentiously worrying about how they ‘seem’ to women.

      Of course, it’s not just so simple, as life is not so, ceste la vie.

      • Monad says:

        Hey Morpheus II, I ain’t saying you or your readers are not ‘focus[ing] on improving [your] own life’. Please understand that I am fully aware there are plenty of PUAs who care only about manipulation, as opposed to those who are ‘inner gamers’ that get the fuck, but can also get the heart and soul in the long term, if they want.

        Kudos mate.

    • TruthTeller says:

      Sounds like a bitter woman is insecure that men don’t need them lol

  2. MackDamage says:

    Lol! @ Solo’s comment, I’ll stick to the mack community! and go on my straight way!

  3. jbamai says:

    I can empathize with some of the MGTOW because alot of em have been burned and I mean burned bad. I mean having your kids ripped from you, your bank account cleaned, and reputation destroyed bad.

    However you can learn from it and make better choices next time or wallow in despair and remove yourself from the gene pool.

    Despite the drawbacks of women….I still likem too much to go cold turkey so MGTOW is not for me.

  4. Morpheus II says:

    Agreed, as much as I hear about fucked up shit happening, I can’t just swear off women. It’s crazy that some women have stooped so low and destroyed lies but I believe all of them haven’t and won’t do that, but just in case, I’m glad I have the red pill and game to keep me on the alert for potential threats.

  5. MGTOW is whatever you want it to be. If you want to dedicate your free time to your hobbies or working harder for more money, then go for it. Don’t let a woman and all the problems that come with relationships drag you down. Pussy is great, just don’t let the pursuit of it control your life.

    Consider it to one of those street signs warning you of a sudden curve.

    I don’t see much anti-sex rhetoric coming from the MGTOW videos and blogposts I read. In fact, most of them just recommend you just pump and dump chicks, make sure to always wear protection, and never believe a chick who says shes on the pill.

    It’s not a closet gay thing. Now that’s just more shaming language.

  6. Tom says:

    There is more then just whining in MGTOW.
    You can can get more info about MGTOW from here:

  7. Backbreaker says:

    I was going to make a comment on this, but this is a post I made a few months ago on a forum that best outlines how I feel about the MRM.. and I can’t state it any more eloquently than this below.

    First of all you have to understand that a lot things, if not all things that are complex people like to have simple and neat answers, i.e it women’s fault or it’s men’s fault or it’s black stopple’s fault or it’s social media’s fault, when in truth complex problems like this are always the combination of a bunch of factors that conclude to produce 1 really undesirable outcome

    The way I see it, is that this is a problem that as soon as the computer was invented, this was going to always end up being some of the back lash. I will expound on later.

    The Golden Avg White Male Era

    This really starts, really, in the 1920’s. Around the time women seriously started getting equal rights. Women started to have a lot more say into who they dated, and really, this was the first time in our society that people, and by people I mean, avg people, not rich or famous people, were able to date people they liked instead of really marrying out of necessity. For the most part, not talking about your famous people or your people from families who had means, but working class everyday people of any race or creed, married and even had kids much more so out of necessity. you had kids to help out around the farm/help work, not beucase you loved kids or you loved each other. you married someone beucase you didn’t want to kill each other and that that person gave you the best outcome for survival. My point is, up really into the 20’s, the concept of love for the avg person , was tantamount to a fairy tale.

    As stated, in the 20’s Shit gets poppin. women, with no found rights, and freedom, still not the freedom and rights of the white American male but rights and freedoms, are allowed to take things into consideration other than, primal survival needs.. is he cute, is he nice, is he sweet. girl in the 1920’s now has real options. and this Shit goes on for a few decades and goes on quite well.

    Now, there is nothing particularly wrong with this setup. Shit it got us here. But the mistake that society, in particular, again not racist, just in a matter of fact manner, the white American male makes, is not understanding that hypergamy is still very much in play and is still the driving issue behind women’s decisions. Yes 1920’s girl likes you beucase you are sweet, and nice and a good man and you do what you say you are going to do and you aren’t bad looking, but that does not mean she would have chosen you if she were given a city or a slew of additional options. In short, 1920’s white male assumes that it’s his niceness and his virtue that allows him to have a woman who won’t cheat on him and loves him. again going back tot he chart i posted in the other post, this is an illusion; when you strip a;ll of it down, the woman is looking for the best she can find still, but she is just now using more variables other than primary needs.

    Now all this **** works great for about 40-50 years. nothing has really changed. but in the 60’s, **** doesn’t hit the fan, but it’s the beginning of the end of the golden avg white male era. There are 2 things going on here, in two entirely different spectrum of life, that while the avg white male can’t yet see it, are going to dramatically impact society.

    The first being, not even of just black people getting rights and to vote and shit, but the concept of equal opportunity across the board is getting serious attention. people want the same rights as everyone else. white people, white women, black men, black women, Hispanics, all. The long term effect of this is twofold; the more opportunities that women get, the more she is not concerned about the husband’s ability to provide, I mean it’s a concern but it’s not weighted like it was in the past. Also with more rights and more expose to people of different races, socializing with them and eventually dating them, becomes accepted if not common place, which, dilutes the current sexual playing field of desired women with more options

    The other thing that is going on at this time is invention of the microchip, which is the precursor to the invention of the personal computer.

    However and this is very very important.. I’m 29. My dad is 51. He was born in 1960. So that means, a lot of the guys here my age, Boilermaker, I just know he’s my age, a few more guys, your dad’s are probably around my age which means they were also born in the 60’s. These men all grew up in a society that while the ground work for radical dating change had taken place, the results long term will still very far off, decades away, and these men were raised on the treat em right, get a decent job, provide for yourse family, be a nice man, your wife will love and cherish you, which is again, as stated above, faulty logic. This never was why women were stating wtih men in the first place, they were staying with you beucase you were the best option.

    Anyway, these men, all grow up, my dad met my mom in 81 and in 81, while mingling with people of different races was common place, even to some extent interracial dating, not very much different and again the internet is a good decade and a half away, so shit is still going good. Joe avg white male who is a teacher or works in a paper mill and has a 20 dollar an hour job with benefits, who isn’t ugly but isn’t repulsive, is going to get him a pretty good looking woman who is going to make the best of the situation. while traveling is up and women have the same rights as men, women still have not 100% caught up with men in the work place yet and still are very independent on men to provide and be a bread winner.

    However shit really is starting to change, this was around the time we were born. and while no one can see it, what you have is a, what’s that damn word when you have a bunch of shit in a .. a melting pot of things; the combination of the internet in the near future, you have the first real generation of minorities who are given the same rights as everyone else and who are seen by their peers for the most part as equals, the ability for women, of all status and backgrounds to not need men to support them if they so chose and just as important as all, you have very different schools of thought that are being preached in households all across america. you have generations of men who have treated women right, done what they were supposed to do so to speak, and have sold their children on the idea hook line and sinker that if you go out, get a decent job, treat women with respect, You won’t have a problem finding a good woman who is good looking and is going to be loyal to you. and shit they aren’t wrong lol, they just don’t understand the melting pot that is taking place; it’s the right advice for the time.

    then you have people who were raised in households like mine, my dad’s mom and dad are the only couple i have ever seen live together their entire life. the concept of a couple getting together and the man providing for the woman and the woman being complacent and loving was virtually nonexistent growing up. that’s shit you saw on TV that’s now how life worked. my dad went out, fucked who he wanted when he wanted, took care of his kids but never committed to a woman just beucase she liked him. Then every few years after fucking my dad would run across a gem, a woman worth not fucking other women over, and would settle down, or at least, pretend to not fuck anyone else for the time being. this is the plate theory in it’s infancy at least for the general public. I remember the first time my dad was dating a white woman and back then this was like right after my mom and dad split like 91 and back then this was some **** that you did not see everyday and everyone was always turning heads and ****. sweet woman too, paula was her name. was pretty hot lol.

    so what i am getting t in a long winded way, you 2 very, distinct theories at play; treat them right, get a good job, ***** will come. and you have, learn “game”, look fly, go out and have fun, fuck who you want and once a woman shows you that hey.. i like fucking you way more than I like fucking these other women, i will stop sleeping with other woman.

    The Decline of the Avg White Male Golden Era

    The day that the first little AOL CD’s started going out in the mail, the avg white male should have just raised the white flag lol. The gig was up but he had not known it yet.

    So now with the above all laid out, the internet really, really is the spark that lights the explosion in change. Women have rights and jobs and money and now they can see who is ALL around town not just the people they know. they can send emails to guys they don’t know and pictures and use classifieds to meet people online. then there are dating sites that make this even more prevalent, there is social media sites that allows for women to find men and interact with men in different states, backgrounds, different running circles that otherwise she never would have met. For instance, i did not met my wife on the internet, but if it were not for the internet, i would not have met my wife; i learned about 90% of everything I ever learned about horse racing off the internet, i watch about 90% of the races I wager on on the internet. It was beucase I love horse racing that i went to the track one morning and saw my now wife there looking cute and eventually approached her. This is a woman, a part of society that 20 years ago i would have not had any part of.

    With the invent of the internet and social media sites, the people who were raised in the mantra of get a decent job, don’t worry about “game” just treat a woman right, and she will treat you right, beucase it is based on the wrong theory that non hypergamy based falls flat on it’s collective face. women, now have many more options, and what cut it 20 years ago and allowed for women to over look things like not being hot or really in shape, not being a great dresser, or not having a promising career, that’s not going to cut it anymore.

    In other words, take my dad. very good looking man, makes good but not great money, has game out the wazoo, can dress his ass off, probably the best dressed man not me I know. the mistake that men today make is thinking that women somehow have changed in the sense that they now want men like my dad; the real answer is that they always wanted men like my dad, but beucase they could not find him /did not have access to him and partly beucase he is black and in the 80’s the social stigma that came with that, he wasn’t an option. since i can remember my dad has never not had *****. honestly i have never remembered a time in wihch he did not have options for ***** even when he was married. even when he wasn’t cheating if he wanted to he could at the drop of a dime. I remember when i was growing up and he was married to my 2nd step mom and he wasn’t cheating, but he was just starting his janitorial business and every night i would go with him to clean up 2 banks and every other night we would stop by a different place and get free food from women who worked there. never paid for a damn thing. red lobster, popeye’s. he’d ask me backbreaker what do you feel like eating tonight. we’d go there he’d chat up the girl that worked there, walk out with all types of ****. It was becuase my dad had access to so many women,t hat he was able to filter them out to the point he was able to marry 3 times, and never once have to pay a dime in alimony or child support. now he took care of me and my brothers, I never wanted for shit but it wasn’t because the government made him. And that is how i know beyond a reasonable doubt if something where to happen to me and my wife, i’d never hear a peep from the goverment. as long as i took care of my son which i would that would be enough for her. she isn’t wired lek that and would ahve no problem finding a new man to provide for her.

    The back lash of this, is that the avg white male starts to become “extinct”. I don’t mean in the literal sense that they are dying out, but in the sense that they they start to do revert to long term survival instincts, start messing with girls with baggage who otherwise, 20 30 years ago would not have been options but now they have little choice beucase these are the only ones who will treat them right if you treat them right. The bad seeds produce bad results and this is where I believe how we get to where we are today, November 20th, 2012\

    So yeah, the real issue, is that you have to go back and learn how to deal with women, beucase the way were taught to deal with women and how to attract women, never was correct in the first place. The problem with the mens rights movement is that the vast maority of them, do not understand the real problem. the problem is not that men don’t have rights, the problem is that you are being forced to deal with women who otherwise you would not have had to deal with, women ho are giving you sihtty results and you are having to deal on the legal system and it’s not working in your favor. In other words, if you took the internet away today and you put all the black people on one side of the city and all Hispanics on one side and all white’s on one side, and did not let them date each other, you would see the men’s right movement evaporate overnight beucase then again being an avg white male will again be good enough to secure the love and loalty of the women that he truly desires to be with

    edit: you can sum up black women with the exact above just about vebatium. in thse sense, avg black women have the exact same plight as the avg white male. being black, being a good woman and loyal is not enough to secure a good black man who has options. options in part beucase he can now meet people in different parts of society, he can travel, and partly beucase he can date outside his race. thus the avg black woman gets pushed down on the totem pole. the good looking ones have no problem at all attracting good black men.

  8. patrick says:

    so this seems like a feminist has decided to equate men on their own as a gay thing.
    far from it – most of us live quite alone.
    And despite what you think about that, many people live alone and are happy. I can’t imagine inviting yet ANOTHER parasite into my life.

    • Morpheus II says:

      You’re accusing me of being a feminist yet you’re using feminist shaming language? You sound solipsistic. Now some points I agree with on MGTOW but personally I like the company of women

  9. Tarnished says:

    “Maybe I’m thinking too hard and focusing on some extreme and negative shit.”

    From what I’ve gathered, just from reading manosphere blogs and having private conversations with MGTOWs like M3/various ones on YouTube, going your own way isn’t naturally extreme OR negative. It’s a strong reaction to the current issues that men face in the relationship market today…and can certainly be *taken* to the limit like any other lifestyle…but that’s not typical.

    Recently did a post on it actually. Would love to get your opinion.

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