Thoughts Of The Unplugged

When you take the red pill and unplug from the matrix, it seems that it tries to test your resolve and pull you back in like an universal cosmic vaccum. You have to stay strong and say fuck that shit. Finding out the truth hurts and the beautiful lies seem like heaven for the first few weeks.

Everything feels strange because what you’ve known is 90% lies and 5% bullshit. At the same time you start to feel more liberated, more mackish, more pimpish, more primal, more feral, more alpha or whatever term you flow with.

People start to notice the changes and either flow with it or become part of the vaccum that sucks you back in and tries to plug you in. I’ve noticed it myself since I’ve stuck to my resolve. I’ve had more women from the past and present get at me and I’ve started back with the “it is what it is mindframe” and said fuck it. I rarely let them faze me. Yes I’m human and some things still get to me. I’ve re-internalized it. If she wants to be with me, she will roll on my path or get left on the side. They recognize me returning to lesser alpha (manosphere language) or to a level 2.9 Mack and started to defer to my leadership. My male peers have done the same so has my family.

And another thing try not to alientae friends and family. Hell you don’t even have to change what you watch or listen to. You’ll see it in a new light though. In other words live the red pill while selling the blue one.

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