Limits To Evo-Psych In Game And A New Approach

After recovering from my slight weakness, I’ve started to look at more blogs, especially Rollo’s and Ricky Raw’s and pose a few questions. Are there any limits to evolutionary psychology in game? Are we more than feral beasts/drives? For some reason I think I may be reading too far into it and going from one extreme to another. So in order to balance out I’m going to go back to the mack/player philosophies which seem to hint on balance and a healthy mentality.  Maybe I should take a small break from reading and recharge. 


2 thoughts on “Limits To Evo-Psych In Game And A New Approach

  1. Solo says:

    The biggest issue in the game guys is they studying and reading too much.
    A lot of guys read blogs/posts/books etc but the same amount of reading they do, they don’t apply it to the field. The only time I read blogs is when I’m at work or in between. I just don’t have time to read, read, read. I learn by applying and doing. A lot of guys wanna get it handled and think it’s like the books or their favorite bloggers posts


    ITs not!!!

    this shit is hard work, you gotta grind, and grind and grind, a lot cats ain’t bout that life or the grind and the game tosses them aside

    real talk

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