On Hating Women

When I’ve looked across a lot of the manosphere blogs, I tend to see a common theme, hatred for women. Yes, I agree a lot of the shit they do is off the wall and fucked up to the core. Not all do that but the majority can and do and all of them have the capability to do so. I empathize with those screwed over in divorce and those who try to pin another man’s kids on them. I’ve had that happen before but I was smart enough to get a DNA test and kicked that hoe straight to the curb.  Yes, I agree with the no white knighting, no mangina-ism and no simping. Since I’ve followed these philosophies, my life has been better and my interactions with women have become better.

I can be pissed at women and a lot of their bullshit rationalizations. However, I can’t hate them. To me focusing on something you hate is a waste of energy. If you hate women so much, then why blog about them, and how to sleep with them. Why not post about a hobby or something?

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6 thoughts on “On Hating Women

  1. Solo says:

    It’s simple the hatred comes from failures and frustrations. Plus the readers demand it. Here’s something your favorite “Alpha” blogger won’t tell you this though. But a lot of his readers ain’t “winning” so he’s gotta cater to the losers that read his blog so that they continue to read. This in essence is fucked up cause it ends up in guys writing endless anti-women, feminism blogs, which won’t help your game at all. The guys I know who are Players, successful with women, know that some women are cucko cukco, know women are flawed but they accept them for what they are anyway. A lot of bloggers still are “waking” up, and can’t accept that.

    What it comes down to is this, guys who are successful with women aren’t crying and whining, their winning with them. Every time I start crying or whining to one of my buddies in real life whose good with women, they look at me crazy. It’s the worst attitude to have, and women can sense this!

    However you do have guys who are good with women but they loath them. I feel bad for these guys cause their only in it for sex. In essence they sold their soul to the devil(sex). Their life is pathetic cause they don’t even like this shit! This is why believe half of what you read on these blogs, even if it’s written by me. And look at the energy a blog has. Is the blogger always sounding angry? is he sounding cocky?is he humble? does he sound genuine? be critical of everything! It’s a healthy mindset to have.

    ^^watch the vid, if a guy is that successful why would he be mad? cause he isn’t that successful

    ^^Mating Market has a great blog on this as well

    always look at anything you read critically

  2. Solo says:

    check your spam folder brah!

  3. […] I’ve come across a number of blogs lately, which have the view that the Manosphere is about hating women. I don’t believe this is the case. I believe that great men love women, and make them love […]

  4. […] I’ve come across a number of blogs lately, which have the view that the Manosphere is about hating women. I don’t believe this is the case. I believe that great men love women, and make them love life. […]

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