Rant: The Sexual Market Place

The Sexual Market Place won’t change in the direction we want within in the next 50-70 years, so why would I sit here and complain about it.  If I’m learning about hypergamy and learning to navigate it, I at least have a life preserver on if I get thrown into the rough seas and have a chance to get back up on land and keep pushing. I understand the pain of everything wanting to return to how it was before. Hearing about the old school SMP made me jealous but, it is what it is and we as men have to just rock with the new market and keep going. Even if it means we have to keep hamsters spinning and keeping women/hoes/bitches/sluts in check. If you want to be ultra realistic about it,  trying to slut shame this generation 25-40 probably work as well as trying to use a foam wall to stop a bulldozer. Some pieces of foam might caught up in the gears and stop it temporary but not enough to make it semi-permanent or permanent

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One thought on “Rant: The Sexual Market Place

  1. Solo says:

    It’s human nature to complain, I think FFY has a great post. The manosphere is starting to resemble the MGTOW movement. The truth is simple, if guys are winning, they ain’t crying about winning. Only Losers cry about winning.

    Another note it’s only gonna get worse before it gets better. With the “elite” killing of the family dynamic and women having birth control. Women will become more promiscuous, and the ones who benefit of that are the men who know how to get these women.

    Personally for me I think a little shaming is great once in awhile but when it’s done again and agian and again and again and again

    You get the idea, that’s why certain blogs I don’t read, too much “alpha/beta” not enough “How to win”

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