Don’t Hate the Color. Hate the Game. Even Then, Don’t Hate That

This has to be the stupidest shit ever, hating on a man with game because of his race.  This has to be the most catty, feminine ass bullshit I’ve read in the manosphere.  I guess some of these retarded fucks don’t get simple points such as:

Game is needed regardless of race.

Women of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc. have hypergamous tendencies.

Men of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc can benefit from game.  (Yea it ties into the first point but it needs to be said again for those who didn’t get it.)

And the most important one and this is the shocker…














Here it is….









Prime example of a hated PUA who’s not the “typical” straight (more or less), white male: Justin Wayne.  He’s black. You don’t say? I’ve seen some of his video footage of him infield.  I think he has good game, I like his style of game, it’s sort of how I want my game to be but I’m developing my own style. He seems to be good with direct and indirect game, whatever those terms mean and has a style that works for him.However,  I’ve read plenty of comments on him and most of the comments are among the lines of following thought processes:


“The white bitch is giving him play because he’s black and she’s scared he’s going to rape or mug her.” I guess that goes against all women having rape fantasies. I guess the new maxim someone will soon come out with is: All women have rape fantasies and it’s perfectly ok….unless the guy doing is non-white.

Miss me with that bullshit.

“He’s a thug, all niggers are thugs.” The original term for thug, comes from the Central Indian word thugee. But that’s another debate.  Yet I see  a lot of “white PUAs” or white boys trying to emulate some of the thug culture and trying to make it appear safe.  I’m in no way shape or form a racist and whatever game works for you homie, do you.


Again, miss me with that “he-can-mack-because-of-affirmative-action” bullshit. I thought we were on here to take the red pill and learn to get better women and to better ourselves. Hell I’ve even seen this hate towards asian PUAs.  The thing is, women are attracted to who they are attracted to.  If a white chick likes black dudes, guess what…she likes black dudes.  If an Inuit likes white guys, guess what….she likes white guys.  If you don’t meet her criteria because she disqualified you based on what attracts her, then just move on. Yes, I know it sound like I made a complaint in my post  “We Are At War In Dating,” but I keep it pushing.  People, there’s a difference between observation and hate.  An observation is objective and hate is subjective. If you’re mad because some non-white’s have great game, how is that helping you? It’s not. Get out there and develop your own, take parts from what you think works and tailor your shit to it.

I thought only women used shaming language, I guess they’re not the only ones.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t Hate the Color. Hate the Game. Even Then, Don’t Hate That

  1. Solo says:

    This is why I laugh, you got haters critquing Justin Wayne yet youll never seen field footage of them much less a pic., then cats get mad at me when I call them out on it, yet they steady typing 2,500 word blogs on how tight they game is but you never see any proof…pfffft

    As a black man who approaches snowbunny I’ve spoken about this before, what Justin does is textbook what any smart man of color does. YOu gotta tailor your game to the target you approaching!, I can’t approach a snowbunny the same way I approach a black chick. This is why if you ever seen me infield you may see me approach one chick one way (Gassing her up) and another chick another way (tearing her down)

  2. Just remember: MPAI Most People Are Idiots (HT: Vox Day). Even on the ‘sphere people are going to spew shit no matter. Just imagine for a moment someone you know who you would say is of average of intelligence. Now picture half the people dumber than that guy. Those are the jack-asses saying stupid shit. Fuck them. They are shit anyway.

    People who say shit like that steer the conversation away from reality. This is the opposite of the spectrum from the PC shit you read in the media. One wants to call all black people niggers and the other wants to call them all angels. Both are disconnected from reality. No group regardless of race, sex whatever is all bad or all good. What becomes an irony is the Manosphere pulling irrational shit like this while attempting to call out feminists for saying all men bad! all women good!

    No bullshit need be taken seriously when considering a PUA; the guy is either legitimate and notching or he isn’t. Fuck the rest.

    I don’t know if you read him, but, Stoner With A Boner carries a level head when dealing with the bullshit. One might consider making him King Of The Manosphere:

  3. Stuff says:

    Hypergamy goes away when slut-shaming goes away.

    Dammit, I found a study on this, but I can’t find the link anymore.

    Not saying that slut-shaming isn’t necessary.

    Just saying that you can’t have it both ways.

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