You Are Always Opening

One thing that I dislike about PUA game is some try to over-complicate simple shit.  For example opening.  Opening is basically starting a conversation. The key word in here is “open” that means open your mouth and say some shit.  Whenever you make the first move when you talk you are in essence “opening” her. There’s really no need for a complicated diagram of communication or a book of routines (not shitting on Love Systems, RSD  or any company), unless you really feel you need one, I’m not here to judge. Just simply open your mouth and say “hi,” “hello”, “bonjour” , “hola,” “konichiwa” or “how are you,” however I don’t recommend you ask “what’s good?” that shit’s played out.  If she walks away after you give a simple hello, then charge her ass to the game for not having the common courtesy or some basic social skills. I can almost guarantee you that most other women won’t be thrown off by a simple “hello.”

This same dynamic applies with EVERY WOMAN YOU MEET. As long as your mouth is open, consider yourself opening her.  Stop making simple shit complicated and use your mouthpiece. 

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10 thoughts on “You Are Always Opening

  1. Young Hunter says:

    Feeds into the whole always approach mentality. If you’re always treating situations as a chance to be social, then opening is only natural.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    True with the titling. My theory on why openeing theory is made so complex is that you have to remember that most of us who started out in pickup are theorists and readers by nature. Most of us grasp things better when broken down and put in diagram formats. For instance, I’m the type of guy who learns better when given a complex form to a particular subject. If pickup insights were straight forward, I can guarantee that I wouldn’t be interested. The fact that it’s so indept is partially what intrigued me.

  3. Solo says:

    I remember when I first came in the game, I use to think OMG what do I say, now I can open with anything, heck I even opened a chick witout saying nothing and we started making out


    • Socialkenny says:

      What Solo touched on is a classic example of newbies making transition.

      Canned openers(which I still use) are like training wheels for newbies. As the newbie advances in game,he becomes able to go natural or use situational openers without a great deal of killing his brain cells on an opener. It’s just a phase we go through in game. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      • Morpheus II says:

        Not shitting on any situational/canned openers but what I don’t see is why would people make a big deal of something that comes natural. I understand the whole training wheel analogy too, I dig it, but eventually you have to take them bitches off and risk gettin some bruises.

      • Socialkenny says:

        Because being natural doesn’t work. The worst advice some gamers or even PUA give is to just be yourself. That is the absolute worst advice lol. If we really took that literally, we would never meet women. The reason guys get into game in the is because being ourselves hasn’t worked out. That is where canned material comes in as training wheels to help you become comfortable in doing what comes natural; which is to open. Reason I still use canned stuff is not because I have to, but whenever I’m browsing a PUA site and come across a nice opener, I’d use it just for the fact that it fits my personality and flow.
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      • Morpheus II says:

        If it works man I don’t knock it

    • Morpheus II says:

      Body language is a killer too. It’s the non-verbal version of spittin game. Women can “read” body language better than men can naturally. So you can give a vibe that you’re what she’s looking for and she MIGHT be intrigued enough to see what you’re about.

  4. Dean Joseph says:

    Damn, that shit is so simple it, maybe hard for some to figure out….

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