Quick Thought On Black American Women and Alpha

In my opinion black American women require a man to be more alpha because of how black men were demeaned and disrespected in front of the black woman’s eyes. It wasn’t like my ancestors had much of a choice, it was basically get down or get laid down. This passed down from generation to generation, from family to family.
Who would protect her? Surely she wasn’t outside of her physically weak nature no matter how much more testosterone people claim them to have. A woman is still estrogen filled and has LESS testosterone and is not race exclusive.
Now bring us into modern times and add the dominant female driven media telling people how they should act and there you have it.


3 thoughts on “Quick Thought On Black American Women and Alpha

  1. Socialkenny says:

    Short, sweet and simple. Great point by the way. I never actually heard someone expose this point as regards to dominance and black women. I always knew where it stemmed from as you stated, but never heard even the pundits in the media hit this point on the head.

  2. JoeClyde says:

    You are correct. Black women see Black men as Cuckolds. So they have a general lack of respect for Black men on a whole. The only Black men they can respect are the ones that go against the system and make a life for themselves. It’s easy to label these guys Thugs. But entrepreneurs would get the same respect from Black women.

    The problem now is the media machine has gone in overdrive with it’s anti-black male message and it’s promotion of Interracial dating for Black women as the ultimate answer to all problems. So the White man in Black woman’s eyes is the ultimate man. So even if she is dating a Black man. She will still not respect him because he isn’t white. Thus leading to a lot of conflict in Black relationships. As the saying goes. If the woman isn’t happy. Nobody is happy in the relationship. How can a Black man make a Black woman happy. That feels she can only be happy with a White man? It’s not going to happen.

    I had hoped that Obama would somehow change the image of Black men in America. But that was a complete failure.

  3. eidolon says:

    It’s not that the media leads the charge against black men, it’s that black men lead the charge against themselves in many ways. Rid yourself of the dichotomy of white vs black, speak properly, dress in non-threatening ways, practice sexual morality, make responsibility a vital component of your character and then it will not matter whether a black woman respects you. If she does not, she is not worth the time.

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