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What I’m Reading 9-14-2012 – “Taking A Break From Bloggin Brahs” – Solo. I get my first shout out in the sphere. – “Generation Princess: Are All Women Slores?” – Solo. A must read for those noticing the not-so trend of self-shooters. – “Women Studies” – Rolo Tomassi. – “Year One” – Rolo Tomassi.  Rolo, gets up in your ass with this one. It’s a compilation of some his best posts of his first year in the manosphere. -“The Contract Part 3: PUA instructor Speer’s Fallout With The Venusian Arts Crew” – Social Kenny. I’m still tripping off the PUA wars man.

Once again, stop the TL:DR shit. Read, learn and apply.

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Don’t Hate the Color. Hate the Game. Even Then, Don’t Hate That

This has to be the stupidest shit ever, hating on a man with game because of his race.  This has to be the most catty, feminine ass bullshit I’ve read in the manosphere.  I guess some of these retarded fucks don’t get simple points such as:

Game is needed regardless of race.

Women of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc. have hypergamous tendencies.

Men of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc can benefit from game.  (Yea it ties into the first point but it needs to be said again for those who didn’t get it.)

And the most important one and this is the shocker…














Here it is….









Prime example of a hated PUA who’s not the “typical” straight (more or less), white male: Justin Wayne.  He’s black. You don’t say? I’ve seen some of his video footage of him infield.  I think he has good game, I like his style of game, it’s sort of how I want my game to be but I’m developing my own style. He seems to be good with direct and indirect game, whatever those terms mean and has a style that works for him.However,  I’ve read plenty of comments on him and most of the comments are among the lines of following thought processes:


“The white bitch is giving him play because he’s black and she’s scared he’s going to rape or mug her.” I guess that goes against all women having rape fantasies. I guess the new maxim someone will soon come out with is: All women have rape fantasies and it’s perfectly ok….unless the guy doing is non-white.

Miss me with that bullshit.

“He’s a thug, all niggers are thugs.” The original term for thug, comes from the Central Indian word thugee. But that’s another debate.  Yet I see  a lot of “white PUAs” or white boys trying to emulate some of the thug culture and trying to make it appear safe.  I’m in no way shape or form a racist and whatever game works for you homie, do you.


Again, miss me with that “he-can-mack-because-of-affirmative-action” bullshit. I thought we were on here to take the red pill and learn to get better women and to better ourselves. Hell I’ve even seen this hate towards asian PUAs.  The thing is, women are attracted to who they are attracted to.  If a white chick likes black dudes, guess what…she likes black dudes.  If an Inuit likes white guys, guess what….she likes white guys.  If you don’t meet her criteria because she disqualified you based on what attracts her, then just move on. Yes, I know it sound like I made a complaint in my post  “We Are At War In Dating,” but I keep it pushing.  People, there’s a difference between observation and hate.  An observation is objective and hate is subjective. If you’re mad because some non-white’s have great game, how is that helping you? It’s not. Get out there and develop your own, take parts from what you think works and tailor your shit to it.

I thought only women used shaming language, I guess they’re not the only ones.

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What I’m Reading 7-20-2012 “When She Makes Sudden Positive Changes For Bullshit Reasons ” – Athol Kay.

This doesn’t mean be paranoid as hell but keep your eye open for the REAL reason behind shit. “White Knight Porn” – Rollo Tomassi

A LOL post but an eye opener.  “Online Dating Pt. 1” – MackNificent/Flip The Game

Some common sense talk about online dating practices. “Reader Letters 1 part 4” – Ricky Raw

This series is an absolute MUST READ. I linked part 4 because it touches on the seduction “community.”

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30 Days Of Self-Improvement

Reading a couple of blogs, especially Solo’s, I’ve decided I’m going to do 30 Days of Self-Improvement. I actually did something similar to this a few years ago and it worked great. Fucked up thing is that I let everything slip. I’m not as bad off as I was then but I believe that one should never stop improving no matter where they are in life. So starting this minute I’m on Day 1.

To Do List:

Continue with Insanity Workout

Listen to Mack Lessons Radio podcast

Holla at 3-5 girls on a causal level (Convo only, no sex to prevent projecting thirsty energy.)

Start back not being outcome dependent

Clean out any music that could be classified as simp music.

Stop beating off to porn.

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Thoughts Of The Unplugged

When you take the red pill and unplug from the matrix, it seems that it tries to test your resolve and pull you back in like an universal cosmic vaccum. You have to stay strong and say fuck that shit. Finding out the truth hurts and the beautiful lies seem like heaven for the first few weeks.

Everything feels strange because what you’ve known is 90% lies and 5% bullshit. At the same time you start to feel more liberated, more mackish, more pimpish, more primal, more feral, more alpha or whatever term you flow with.

People start to notice the changes and either flow with it or become part of the vaccum that sucks you back in and tries to plug you in. I’ve noticed it myself since I’ve stuck to my resolve. I’ve had more women from the past and present get at me and I’ve started back with the “it is what it is mindframe” and said fuck it. I rarely let them faze me. Yes I’m human and some things still get to me. I’ve re-internalized it. If she wants to be with me, she will roll on my path or get left on the side. They recognize me returning to lesser alpha (manosphere language) or to a level 2.9 Mack and started to defer to my leadership. My male peers have done the same so has my family.

And another thing try not to alientae friends and family. Hell you don’t even have to change what you watch or listen to. You’ll see it in a new light though. In other words live the red pill while selling the blue one.

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What I’m Reading 7-12-2012 “The Hypocrisy of Religious Women and Sex Plus Frame Control” – SocialKennyPUA

A good post about keeping the frame in seduction. “Denial” – Rollo Tomassi 

Read the full post if you just recently have unplugged and need a reminder. “Comments That Make The Blog – The Private Man

Some good wisdom in the beginning of the post. “Deprogramming Your Inner Simp” – Mack Damage

A good post to start to unplug with. 

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What I’m Reading 7-6-2012 – “Doing Too Much Too Soon” Flip The Game “Inner Game Vs Dark Game” – Just Be A Man About It “Mad Men Season 5 Ep 13: “The Phantom” – T. aka Ricky Raw “Letters From The Pedestal” – Rollo Tomassi “When Do You Tell Someone Bad Stuff About Their Marriage” – Athol Kay 

The 16 Commandments of Poon: Heartiste

Although the racism that floats about the site is bullshit, I found these 16 commandments to actually be helpful. One could apply this to women, regardless of their race. To me this is one of the most important posts in the manosphere.

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