What I’m Reading 8-5-2012

http://hokieblogger.com/2011/07/25/textual-relationships/ “Textual Relationship” -Gmac

(Good post since we’re in the age of technology and I have also benefited from the use of good text game. I’m no expert but it doesn’t hurt to get help from people who give out knowledge)

http://marriedmansexlife.com/2012/08/the-end-of-game-is-love/ “The End of Game Is Love” – Athol Kay 

http://www.flipthegame.net/2012/07/one-magic-word.html “One Magic Word” – Flip The Game 

http://www.flipthegame.net/2012/07/online-dating-pt-1.html “Online Dating Pt.1” -Flip The Game 

(SN: Great drop man) 


Guess I’ll post more next week and again, none of that TL:DR shit. Read and absorb. 


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