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In my opinion after trial and error, I have come to the conclusion that one of the only hard and fast rules is be wary of hypergamy.  I know you might read sites that might say “this theory is the only theory that works,” “do this theory and she will love you forever and will never leave,” “do this or be labeled beta (or what ever term you equate negativity with)” but I have found that sometimes the very rule you break might be the one you can use to your advantage.

In the manosphere the latest trend is no fat chicks.  Well, sometimes you might need to break that dry spell and may end up smashing a chubby chick, only if I found her cute. (I can’t do 300 or 400 lbs, I can’t bribe my dick that way).  Did I follow the rules? No. Did I feel better after busting that nut? Yes, especially if it was one of the times I had a three month dry spell.

My point is that you have to find out what rules you must follow and which ones you can break and remain flexible. Who knows you might come up with a rule that might be beneficial

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What I’m Reading 8-15-2012 – “If I Was King of the Manosphere” – Stoner with a Boner  – “The Is Only One Boat, There Can Only Be One Captain” – The Red Pill Room – “Mental Calisthenics: Conversation” – Society of Amateur Gentlemen

A Week Long Break

It’s been a lot of mental masturbation going on in the manosphere in the last week. Keep in mind there are some quality posts but all the quasi-political-HBD type posts are running amuck. I think I’ll take a week long break from reading blogs to keep from burning out.

Don’t Hate the Color. Hate the Game. Even Then, Don’t Hate That

This has to be the stupidest shit ever, hating on a man with game because of his race.  This has to be the most catty, feminine ass bullshit I’ve read in the manosphere.  I guess some of these retarded fucks don’t get simple points such as:

Game is needed regardless of race.

Women of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc. have hypergamous tendencies.

Men of all races, creeds, orientation, religions, etc can benefit from game.  (Yea it ties into the first point but it needs to be said again for those who didn’t get it.)

And the most important one and this is the shocker…














Here it is….









Prime example of a hated PUA who’s not the “typical” straight (more or less), white male: Justin Wayne.  He’s black. You don’t say? I’ve seen some of his video footage of him infield.  I think he has good game, I like his style of game, it’s sort of how I want my game to be but I’m developing my own style. He seems to be good with direct and indirect game, whatever those terms mean and has a style that works for him.However,  I’ve read plenty of comments on him and most of the comments are among the lines of following thought processes:


“The white bitch is giving him play because he’s black and she’s scared he’s going to rape or mug her.” I guess that goes against all women having rape fantasies. I guess the new maxim someone will soon come out with is: All women have rape fantasies and it’s perfectly ok….unless the guy doing is non-white.

Miss me with that bullshit.

“He’s a thug, all niggers are thugs.” The original term for thug, comes from the Central Indian word thugee. But that’s another debate.  Yet I see  a lot of “white PUAs” or white boys trying to emulate some of the thug culture and trying to make it appear safe.  I’m in no way shape or form a racist and whatever game works for you homie, do you.


Again, miss me with that “he-can-mack-because-of-affirmative-action” bullshit. I thought we were on here to take the red pill and learn to get better women and to better ourselves. Hell I’ve even seen this hate towards asian PUAs.  The thing is, women are attracted to who they are attracted to.  If a white chick likes black dudes, guess what…she likes black dudes.  If an Inuit likes white guys, guess what….she likes white guys.  If you don’t meet her criteria because she disqualified you based on what attracts her, then just move on. Yes, I know it sound like I made a complaint in my post  “We Are At War In Dating,” but I keep it pushing.  People, there’s a difference between observation and hate.  An observation is objective and hate is subjective. If you’re mad because some non-white’s have great game, how is that helping you? It’s not. Get out there and develop your own, take parts from what you think works and tailor your shit to it.

I thought only women used shaming language, I guess they’re not the only ones.

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What I’m Reading 8-5-2012 “Textual Relationship” -Gmac

(Good post since we’re in the age of technology and I have also benefited from the use of good text game. I’m no expert but it doesn’t hurt to get help from people who give out knowledge) “The End of Game Is Love” – Athol Kay “One Magic Word” – Flip The Game “Online Dating Pt.1” -Flip The Game 

(SN: Great drop man) 


Guess I’ll post more next week and again, none of that TL:DR shit. Read and absorb. 


Since I see a lot of the manosphere on twitter I’ll  get in on the action under this name of course. I already have two others (one personal and one professional).  So follow me @ileftthematrix 

These Bitches In My Phone Game

Having pictures of bitches in your phone can be a good or bad thing. In my opinion it’s a good thing. Why? Because it shows that women want you, that you’re desirable by the opposite sex.  I’m not a PUA and don’t know all the jargon and acronyms/abbreviation but I think that it hints at DHV (demonstration of high value I believe) and social proof.  In my opinon it depends on her value relative to yours.  I think it’s especially good when these women wear sexy ass dresses, bikinis and some have even been bold enough to tell me  to put their pics of them in boyshorts and as their contact picture when they pop up. (I think it’s some sort of way to mark her territory.) I’ve had this done before unintentionally had some women look at me with the damn-this-dude-got-swag-face and drop off the digits and trying to compete with the other chick. Some form of hypergamy is my guess.

The bad side is if you have too much value over her (but then again some women are like that) and give off too much of a player vibe (Here again I call bullshit and call this a subconscious shit test) you might scare her off.  If starts to draw back give her a little assurance, even if you’re just going in for the lay.  My advice, don’t delete pics that girls send you. Hide the XXX rated shit, no matter how fine she is. Aim for something seductive and sensual like a girl with a nice figure and her wearing a dress that shows off every immaculate curve and her blowing a kiss or some shit. It may work or it may not but at least she knows she’s not fuckin with a blue pill wimp.

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What I’m Reading 8-4-2012 “You’re Not Entitled To Happiness” – Danger and Play “The Number 1 Reason You’re Not Getting Girls” – Fresh, Fly and Young “You’ll Never Get Laid In This Town” – KrauserPUA

(Even a great player will hit a dry streak ever so often) “On Awareness” – The Rawness

(He has some long posts but it’s worth it to read through and read his insights. Fuck that tl;dr bullshit, read through it lazy fucks.)


Rant: We Are At War In Dating

Brothers in arms dating has now become more of a war than a pleasure. With more and more disillusioned and entitled princesses who look like Gorilla Zoe on their best days and have the attitude of New York (she looks good on certain days but her attitude is still shit) we need to play around or date defensively. Even with online dating, you have some alright women but most of them make you think WTF. You have some campaigning for someone to take care of their kids (if that’s your thing then there’s no judgement here) and some with unrealistic expectations.

One woman who wasn’t very attractive had 3 kids lived with her mom, no job said she would only kick it with dudes who had a place, a car and made $50K and up. White knights, tricks and manginas put your capes on and save her. Fucked up thing is, I know at least ten dudes that have and would. This is the majority I see. On the other hand I’ve seen some decent women that dress alright but those are far and few between. I digress.

Given with an act that allows people to have birth control insured (someone check me on that) we’ll have to deal with more BS and might have to use slightly darker game just to get a foot in. Speaking on darker game it seems that even the good girls respond to it and eat this shit up. You simply can’t say “how are you today” without having to check her ten minutes into the convo because the previous cat was willing to drop $100 or more on a date for her. Its still trickin if you got it.

I hate to admit this but the manosphere is right, we have to damn near stay on defense now and days, even at a stage where you should be able to let your guard down for a second. Or maybe I need to move to a new city with more receptive and desirable women or maybe this is my current mind set due to me re-unplugging from the matrix and shocking the shit out of myself.

Why do I call it a war and defensive dating? Simply because of the machiavellian tactics one has to use sometimes to get past bullshit walls. (It bothers me some still even though I can be one of the most Machiavellian people I know. Shit, I made a narcissistic statement, yea I think that Dark Triad is strong in me) Reading books, blogs and hearing accounts of the dating field is like seeing The Art of War in action. Brothers in arms, we are at war

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Rant: The Sexual Market Place

The Sexual Market Place won’t change in the direction we want within in the next 50-70 years, so why would I sit here and complain about it.  If I’m learning about hypergamy and learning to navigate it, I at least have a life preserver on if I get thrown into the rough seas and have a chance to get back up on land and keep pushing. I understand the pain of everything wanting to return to how it was before. Hearing about the old school SMP made me jealous but, it is what it is and we as men have to just rock with the new market and keep going. Even if it means we have to keep hamsters spinning and keeping women/hoes/bitches/sluts in check. If you want to be ultra realistic about it,  trying to slut shame this generation 25-40 probably work as well as trying to use a foam wall to stop a bulldozer. Some pieces of foam might caught up in the gears and stop it temporary but not enough to make it semi-permanent or permanent

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