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Quick Thought On Black American Women and Alpha

In my opinion black American women require a man to be more alpha because of how black men were demeaned and disrespected in front of the black woman’s eyes. It wasn’t like my ancestors had much of a choice, it was basically get down or get laid down. This passed down from generation to generation, from family to family.
Who would protect her? Surely she wasn’t outside of her physically weak nature no matter how much more testosterone people claim them to have. A woman is still estrogen filled and has LESS testosterone and is not race exclusive.
Now bring us into modern times and add the dominant female driven media telling people how they should act and there you have it.


Busy As Hell

I’ve literally have been busting my ass with school, work and other projects and will get back to blogging soon

Fuck The Blue Pill

Fuck the Blue Pill the mainstream can have that shit


With each and every passing day I realize the Red Pill is truth and I’ve been lied to my entire life

Working On New Site

I just purchased a new URL In addition to two other blogs I run, I’ll try to update this one monthly as well.

Father and Son

Morpheus II has just gotten in trouble with women while attempted to break other helpless men from the Matrix and is sent home from the fem-centric institution.  He sees his father there with cracking his knuckles and gritting his teeth.

Morpheus Sr: SON (in a deep, almost God-like voice)

Morpheus II: What did I do this time?

Morpheus Sr: You forgot again

He pulls back and smacks Morpheus II on the back of the head. THWAP!

Morpheus II: What I forget?

Morpheus Sr: What is the first rule when attempting to set others free from the Matrix?

Morpheus II: Uhh

Morpheus Sr smacks him in the back of the head again. TWHAP!

Morpheus Sr: You don’t talk about the Matrix to it’s fucking Matrons! Now..what is the second rule of leaving the Matrix?

Morpheus II: Uhhhh..I

He gets hit in the back of the head again.

Morpheus Sr: You don’t talk about the Matrix to it’s fucking Patrons!

Morpheus II: I thought it was only fem-centric.

Morpheus Sr: I guess I didn’t teach you shit. You got betas, manginas, white knights, simps and all types of males who gave up their balls to please the Matrix.  Now, what’s the third rule?

Morpheus II: Uhhhh

He gets hit in the back of the head again.

Morpheus Sr: Don’t flex with too much knowledge about how to leave the fucking Matrix. Only do so if asked to by a man who really wants it.

Morpheus II: Got you. I have a fourth rule dad.

Morpheus Sr: Okay, tell me.

Morpheus II: Outside this Brotherhood, the Matrix doesn’t exist.

Morpheus Sr: You’re learning after all.

He smacks him in the back of the head again.

Morpheus Sr: Don’t let them catch you slipping again.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, I finally have some down time and dropped in to let people know I’m still breathing. I have a lot of posts to catch up on and recommend

Random Rant 10-4-2012

Unless we continue to unplug men from the Matrix, simpish bullshit behavior will continue and those that use men that show these behaviors will continue to be used.  For each plugged in white knight or simp, our mission gets pushed back even further.  Why? Because most men are slaves to the pussy. What’s wrong with pussy? Not a goddamn thing in my opinion, but it’s not the end all and be all of everything. It’s in our nature (well assuming all the readers are heterosexual) to want to tap some of that sweet, juicy poontang and our weakness is sometimes used against us. It’s a primal urge, a magnetic pull. However some vagina worshipers take this shit a little too far and need to be smacked across the back of the head three times.

I was recently on the internet on a site that will remain nameless and she confides in me that whenever she posts that she needs something, men fill up her inbox and literarily will send her ass real money via paypal. Shit, a side note to myself I need to start a webcam site to tap in on some money. I’ve even had her send me some of their convos, pure trickin and white knighting at most. When she asked me why I haven’t run to her when she posts, I simply told her this: “If I give out money, I need a tangible return of investment and I don’t think you’d break bread.”  She laughed and of course agreed. One of her posts included access to pics of her pussy, when she asked me again: “Not even for some pussy pics?” Nope, Google has tons of free pussy pics, and free porn sites come up every damn day. Besides I’d want the pussy in person, not in pixelated from. She giggled and let me see for free on Skype. Just because I didn’t bow down.

On this site, it’s a shit load of ugly ass bitches. Now I’m not shittin on the ladies, I genuinely love women. However, some of these mud ducks should be glad that dudes still want to holla at their asses, especially the ones that not only hit the wall but did an epic face plant into it.  Somehow, some simp, ass dude slips an Oscar the Grouch lookin female some cash. (insert Cpt. Picard face palm picture). I’ve even seen some pic of one of my friend’s instagram account where a dude said he would suck her pussy so hard, slurp her period out, freeze it and enjoy it in a nice beverage.  NEGATIVE!

I’m a world champion muff diver myself, but saying some shit like that deserves to have your man card revoked for at least two years minimum. This type of shit makes it hard to even have decent conversation because a woman’s guards are up since those are some of the whack lines they get hit with and the wrong ones get boosted because some dude hasn’t seen snatch since he came out his mom.  On one hand, I can’t help but pop the female’s collar if she can make a dude drop dollars on her just because she smiles and says she’ll bust it open. If I ever run a company, I’d put them in Marketing and Sales but on the other hand I find it crazy that men still fall for that okie doke. I’d give them a little more respect if it were an actual strip club, but online nah.

I even posted a status about it and what happened? Dudes come talkin shit to me. “Fuck you guy, that bitch is hot,” “You’re just mad because they won’t show you,” “You’re fuckin whack dude, stop complaining.” These folks can’t be serious.  I see this shit every day and ask myself, are we red pill takers even making a dent in the society of men?

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You Are Always Opening

One thing that I dislike about PUA game is some try to over-complicate simple shit.  For example opening.  Opening is basically starting a conversation. The key word in here is “open” that means open your mouth and say some shit.  Whenever you make the first move when you talk you are in essence “opening” her. There’s really no need for a complicated diagram of communication or a book of routines (not shitting on Love Systems, RSD  or any company), unless you really feel you need one, I’m not here to judge. Just simply open your mouth and say “hi,” “hello”, “bonjour” , “hola,” “konichiwa” or “how are you,” however I don’t recommend you ask “what’s good?” that shit’s played out.  If she walks away after you give a simple hello, then charge her ass to the game for not having the common courtesy or some basic social skills. I can almost guarantee you that most other women won’t be thrown off by a simple “hello.”

This same dynamic applies with EVERY WOMAN YOU MEET. As long as your mouth is open, consider yourself opening her.  Stop making simple shit complicated and use your mouthpiece. 

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Random 9-27-12

After reading about the fall and return of Justin Wayne and being linked to the video to see his story, I scrapped the idea of mixing my other blog continent with this one. The fem-matrix and white knights are still a strong factor in society and I feel they won’t go anywhere soon. To those brave like Rollo, Kenny, Private Man, Solo, Ian Ironwood, I commend you for being bold enough to go into the matrix head first and pull others out. I’ll be there with you all soon, I still need stronger armour and a sharper sword.